How to Write an Attention Grabbing Dating Headline

Are you looking for someone who has similar interests? Or are you looking for a person who has a certain values,How to Write an Attention Grabbing Dating Headline Articles life style or particular qualities?

Now, once you have identified what kind of a person you are trying to attract, think about the qualities that this person would like to see in a potential mate. For example, if you are an outdoorsy person and you love spending every weekend camping, mention that in your dating headline.

Example would be “Can you set up a tent under the stars?” That sounds romantic, and will attract those people who have the same interests. If you are an athletic person who can’t imagine her life without physical activities, say it! Try to be more specific as to what your preferred athletic activities are and you will surely attract people of the opposite gender who share your interests.

Another great thing to say in your dating headline is what kind of benefit your companionship can offer, for instance, “My special recipe for spaghetti will keep you coming for more”. If you enjoy cooking and would love to cook a special meal for your special someone, this is a great way to convey that in your dating profile headline.

You always want to make sure that your dating headline offers some sort of a benefit to those who will meet you via a dating site. You never want to say what you are seeking in a direct way. I see so many profiles that say, for instance “seeking a great companion”, or “would love to find a man of quality”. Those dating site headlines tell people what your needs are. This is not a good way to make the first impression. Rather than saying what you want, say what you can offer and once people start writing to you, you can check out their dating profiles and determine if they are of interest to you.